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Can someone tell me why it’s impossible to get a regular cup of coffee around here? I don’t want a fucking non-fat skim milk mocha latte with… leprechaun tears. I just want coffee.


[ Sitting there at the cafe when he overhears the girl. ]

"Are you new? This is anorexic, preppy Laguna-Beach-wannabe city."

"You wanna try mine? I spiked it with Jack Daniels."

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"Please don’t leave. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t like it…"


"Alright. I’ll stay."

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The Curious Cat || Lauren and Blake


She let out an inaudible sigh when Blake finally slowed down a little. Lauren told herself to calm down, she knew that it was obvious she was nervous, and she was having a hard time hiding it. Her shoulders finally relaxed until she got nervous again at the thought of a guy drugging her drink. 

Lauren nodded, her hair somewhat bouncing with her as she looked over at Blake, “I know, I know. I’ve gotten the talk before.” She laughs lightly and thinks about someone trying to pressure her into something she didn’t want. Another lump of anxiety moved to build up in her throat. 

Looking over to the older guy, she relaxed her shoulders another time. She nodded towards him and gave him a sweet smile. “I’m sorry. It’s just scary for me,” she shrugged. Lauren had only gone to a few high school parties. All of them with either a friend or a boy. They usually weren’t all that enjoyable and she ended up leaving early. 

As she began to dial the number, Blake interjected. “Oh? Um, is everything alright?” Lauren looked at him with concern, yet it wasn’t visible through the sunglasses. She placed the phone on her lap and was unsure about why he wouldn’t want her to mention his name or want her to call. “Are you sure?” It wasn’t that Lauren didn’t trust him at this point, it was just more of a total verification. 

Lauren slid her phone back into her pocket and then looked out the window again, “How long is it going to take to get there?” 

He almost felt her sigh breeze by him, and Blake openly laughed, feeling the presence of the girl charge and then relax in such a short span of time. He lifted his free hand and reached for her, about to work some of the tension out of her shoulder, but he retreated instead — for he feared the girl would leap out of her seat if he touched her.

"Alright, just thought I’d throw it out there. I mean, I’ve seen a sketchy thing or two happen at a party before." Blake dragged a hand over his mouth in hesitation. Measuring his words. He was wrought with wonder over the creature in the seat beside him and he knew he had a high tendency to probe too hard, too relentlessly, when he wanted something.

"Are you always this shy?" He pulled out onto the freeway and punched the gas, definitely planning to speed the whole way out of town. "Like … you look good. I don’t get it. Aren’t girls as hot as you usually strutting around?" And he cocked a brow, shooting her a fleeting glance before focusing back on the road.

There was something she had that he coveted — a look of innocence that made her appear totally harmless. Blake desired that, needed it to blend into regular society. But he couldn’t understand it; his condition cursed him with a permanently aggressive extroversion.

"Yep, everything’s cool." And he smiled to reassure her, especially when she decided not to call. He had no idea if his name had been in the news or was circulating town; he didn’t want her knowing too much. "I’m positive. Whenever you want, we’ll go. I just wanted to hang out with you." He shrugged a single shoulder. "Like an hour or forty-five minutes if I don’t get pulled over," joking, but not. "See, that’s not so bad, right?"

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Hey you should come over and hang, I’m watching Mean Girls.
Sorry, Aly and I are a bit preoccupied at the moment.

Hey you should come over and hang, I’m watching Mean Girls.

Sorry, Aly and I are a bit preoccupied at the moment.

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What happened to the old police station?


[She shrugged] Not necessarily straight laced… Just… Drugs aren’t something I think are worth the trouble they cause.


Or only a man. 

"You’re right. They cause a lot more trouble than they’re worth. A good friend of mine almost died because of drugs, actually."

"What, you think only dudes are perverts?"

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Sniffs, trying to stop her tears, but has trouble since she just started ]


"I’m trying… I was scared… I don’t try to make you mad…"

"It’s okay … it’s okay … I’m not mad anymore. You want me to go? I’m stressing you out."

Do not keep shit from me again.”

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[Text]: Laken >.> Blake

Laken: Sorry, Aly and I are a bit preoccupied at the moment. Perhaps another time? You still owe me that kneeling and painting that we discussed.
Blake [unsent]: Ohhoooooooo you FUCKING PRICK
Blake [unsent]: Whatever you do to her, I'll do to you with my switchblade
Blake [unsent]: how about you kneel and suck my dick Laken
Blake: Aw okay, you two have fun <333 I'll hit you up later.
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[Text]: Laken >.> Blake

Laken: She is mine.
Blake [unsent]: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU
Blake [unsent]: lolol im gonna string you up and gut you from your neck to your fucking groin
Blake [unsent]: Have you ever had gasoline pumped down your throat?
Blake: Lol what? Hey you should come over and hang, I'm watching Mean Girls.
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